Plants of All Kinds

Ann loved plants no matter how ugly other people thought they were. Photos of the plants in her extensive collection can be found throughout this website. No Plant too small, too big or to many eyes too strange.

A small number of Ann’s collection.


Ann absolutely loved to travel, but only by automobile. If she’d had an amphibious car she’d have circled the world. She wasn’t afraid to fly, she just didn’t like to be confined in close proximity to strangers.

Ann Riding Rock


Many of the photos that grace this website were taken by Ann. Others were taken by friends or family. All Ann’s friends were well aware that she didn’t like her photo take.

Ann’s Helebores

Animals Large and Small

Ann and Friend
Candie Rudzinski Photo

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These photos were taken by Ann and her friends over the years. As many of you know Annie was not very fond of having her picture taken. I was very pleased to find out that many of her friends took the opportunity to snap a photo even if they caught some flak from my sister.

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