The story posted in the newspapers is a 12 year old boy was killed by a man that was convicted of the act and his body was dumped here. Reports of 3 spirits here. At nighttime one time a customer saw the shadow of someone. Morrison Canyon Road is a narrow one-lane road that has historically provided access to the rural hillside properties in the Morrison Canyon and Vargas Road areas. Strange noises heard on the video when played back. Built in 1922, Jim Morrison's house sits nestled in the Laurel Canyon hills. There’s even a radar-testing facility up there somewhere, complete with life-size wire models of helicopters and planes, mostly upside down. Apparitions, Pictures fall of the walls vending machines dispense soda on their own, cold spots & doors slam. Monego was responding to a 911 call made from employees at the Outback when he was shot several times by one of the three men upon entering the restaurant. These mines are haunted by the White Witch. Group rates are also available. She died and her spirit did not rest. When the place is empty you can hear foot steps, things get moved around. Antique Store on Big Basin Way Spotted a girl in the hallway., 'We're At A Breaking Point;' COVID Ambulance Diversons Becoming Common In Santa Clara County, CHP, San Francisco Police Crack Down On Major Retail Theft Ring, Passenger Arrested For Shooting Driver On Highway 580, Condemned Killer Royce Lyn Scott Dies At Local Hospital; 3rd Death Row Inmate To Die In A Week, UPDATE: Fentanyl Found At Dublin School Where Janitor Died, Missing Dublin School Janitors Found On Campus Amid Mystery Chemical Odor; 1 Dead, 2nd Hospitalized, Car Plows Into Honey Baked Ham Store In Concord; 2 Hurt, Community Mourns Surfer Killed In Freak Accident Catching Waves In Shadow Of Golden Gate Bridge, Coroner Identifies 3 Teens Killed in Livermore Car Crash, VIDEO: San Mateo Porch Pirates Steal Packages; 1 Arrested, 1 Sought, Public File for KBCW-TV / KBCW 44 Cable 12. Durarara X2 Ketsu: Dufufufu English Dub, One year the first girl ever to do it was actually helped by the ghost. Security would see a man on the cameras but when they got there no one was there, but here’s the catch. At nighttime, stand out in the front and look at the fifth window from the right on the second story. One parent attending an orientation, felt a strong negative presence, as if it were saying, “Go home please.” They apologized out loud for intruding and left. Many employees have asked who the lady is weeding in the crematory, when their supervisors are approached with this question they simply state. Colorado Haunted History Tours: Morrison Tour - See 43 traveler reviews, 21 candid photos, and great deals for Golden, CO, at Tripadvisor. She looked at us and said, “No, what are you talking about?” Since then…George has managed to become more violent here and there…he never harms anyone…however he still continues to play his usual tricks.”. It is haunted by an old man who walks the grounds and makes sure that everything is ok, and that no one gets hurt while there. It is said that when passing by, late at night, you could hear a distant torturous cry of a girl. At these apartments there have been sightings of ghosts. Rail Road Mine – Fair warning: no trespassing you will get fined or arrested. Uc Riverside Frat Rankings, The vintage light fixtures will go dim and then swing back and forth for a short period of time, then stop as abruptly as it started. A boy was brutally murdered in the late 70s. There is a ghost in the stockroom; it used to harass one of the female employees. The fields near the hospital have sightings of “demonic beasts” as well as a mysterious hitchhiking woman in white. Lora Range Calculator, This is a very old restaurant and bar where the workers claim at night after closing time the money in the cash register is found neatly stacked one night an ash tray was hurled through the air almost hitting a worker who was alone in there cleaning up and some say they have heard a woman’s laughter. This old theatre houses the spirit of a young girl aged anywhere from 10 to 20 she wears a yellow dress from the eras of the thirties. Many children haunt Pediatric. MacAteer High School (Now School of the Arts High School). They have reported voices and a ghostly figure of a man. Mini- rockslides will occur in strange spots, you will find yourself in cold spots and see dark shadows, as you reach the circle clearing, stop and listen for a few minutes. This 1,249-acre regional park provides tremendous views from its setting in the Fremont Hills. A “White Witch” or “Niles Canyon Ghost” – A young woman who’s last name was Lowerey was on her way to a wedding possibly her own. Also a heard calls out for help from the basement. Please visit his memorial page. Some of the bad Appalachian Experiment Children were sent here as well. You will come to another gate then behind their lies this old decrepit Structure of a hospital. However, people still talk about this mysterious ghost who hangs out at the basketball courts named, “Michael T.”. In 1942 a boy was murdered by his best friend many people say At approx. He had a met another Royal who was also kidnapped and taken here and they became boyfriend and girlfriend. Located in California’s Preservation Park Historic District. It’s supposedly by the kids who died in the bus crash and they want to keep you from the same fate. She reportedly haunts room 33. While driving on the lower deck at night towards Oakland direction, drivers would hear knocking on the windows. There are bats inside it and you can hear voices at the end of the tunnel. This repository of the dead is not only wonderful eye candy, but has been a place of ghostly sightings as well. She then drowned herself in the pond so they could be together in heaven. Boat Dealers Erie Pa, Most of the haunting happen in the bar area of this restaurant. PITTSBURG The hike opens with 900-foot climb over about 1.5 miles to a grassy ridge overlooking Haunted Canyon. Teachers & students have reported to see a dead girl walking up the stairs and haunts the 2nd floor girls bathroom she closes the door to the stalls and flushes the toilet….they say her name is Elizabeth. The door at the reception desk keeps unlocking it self when a button behind the front desk is needed to unlock it. The Road primarily provides access to the rural hillside properties in the Morrison Canyon and Vargas Road areas. They are screams can be heard constantly. if you don’t feel like getting out of your car, it is scary just to drive through in the dark. Rumors are that the building was once a motel in the mid 1900s until it was burnt down because the owner had money problems with local gang members; however, the presence of the young boy is still a mystery. She was a midwife and on her way to deliver a baby her carriage fell over and she was crushed. Similarly; there is no Morrison Canyon ghost. once they started letting the story out to there friends and family they found out the story about the loot of Joaquin Murri eta, from time to time people still report seeing the ghost on Morgan Territory Rd. The man was always in a black cape, has a lime green face, bald headed and is very visible at night or day. The town’s police have even experienced this happening. – March 2004 addition: The Dublin police officer that was shot there on the night of Dec. 11, 1998 was named John Paul Monego. The young man was almost shot, though he was not arrested, but he had to be taken to a coffee shop where it took him until 2am to calm down sufficiently to go home. The church, the cemetery and the grounds are VERY active. Some people report being tapped on the shoulder by the ghosts on the lower floor. Bella Saratoga In the gym there has been people bouncing the ball were a man named Henry died wile building the gym. Three men from the San Joaquin valley, which is just over the Altamont hills to the east of the Tri-Valley where Dublin is located, robbed the newly-opened Outback Steakhouse and held patrons and employees hostage. Chains clank all around and you can hear footsteps behind you like someone is watching over you. Caddyshack Throwing Golf Club Gif, Most spooky however is when in the ladies room in a stall, a knocking will happen on the door when no one has entered. Intensive Care Nursery haunted by women that have died in childbirth. She really freaked out trying to find an exit in the dark. Outside of the gated regions of the Cemetery in a woods-like area can be found dilapidated and broken graves. The Children of Good Serpent Orphanage: During – “The Bad” Children were sent from all around the World to Good Serpent Continuation School and Orphanage. Many came out on the camera. The woman heard a noise & opened it. He is wearing a blue army/military suit with a white collar, he looks like a teenager, he is a bit thin. Also, In the parking lot, People can see a naked guy doing the spits and disappearing into thin air. You'll find Canyon Road Haunt at 4416 Canyon Road, Pleasant Grove. It is said that if you are alone in the hall you can hear a knocking on the bathroom door. In the bell tower reports of past Jesuits are seen praying. He scared someone so bad that they immediately drove to the nearest phone and called the police, who arrived in force (owing to the legend of the white witch) and drew guns on what they thought was the ghost. Clanking inside of the circle figured tubes towards the back of the property. 3 people who work in the hotel’s bar area say that things like glasses have moved by themselves mysteriously. Where: Sweetwater Summit Regional Park, 3218 Summit Meadow Road, Bonita - 619-472-7572 Date and time: Oct. 28 - 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Fee: Free. When police investigated and found the room empty, the manager thought the call might have come from the ghost that haunts the room. Many came out on the camera. Bundee Aki Salary, This was once the main village for the area. He then walks to a cubbyhole where there is only a desk and chair, and disappears. Prices are $15 for adults, $10 for kids 4 to 12. A male & female who are not shy. Sarah was not a religious woman and told her kids that she did not want a funeral. He stated that he and a companion were driving down Pole Line rode which runs through the park at about midnight, along side the wooded road a girl in a long white prom dress was walking. The Lady in Black is supposedly the proprietor of the establishment and haunts the nursery where her grandchildren died of cholera. The customer simply believed that he saw someone standing on the corner at the end of the hallway facing against the wall. Witnesses have seen apparitions of mangled bodies and heard children’s screams below through the halls. Just flat skin. The Haunted Hike In Utah That Will Send You Running For The Hills. Strange noises heard inside the graveyard. She’s always walking around after closing time, and when the janitors are trying to clean, she’s always getting in front of the vacuum. Legend has it he fell off one of the catwalks while working. This building was constructed in the 1800’s. No Janitors are ever allowed to go up there nor do they have reason too. Morison Canyon Road - Fremont ,California When you go down The Canyon road you will find an off ramp that will lead you down to a creek.That is if you can drive all the way down the road. one of the Legends is of Joaquin Murrieta California Bandit El Dorado, it is believed that Joaquin has buried his loot some where in the Morgan Territory area under a oak tree. The Gold Coast Hotel She has also been known to communicate to “yes” and “no” answers. The employees, even a customer, saw a young male at the age around 7-10 walking slowly towards them, but from a distance. She can be seen sitting on the side of the road, or walking at twilight. When you turn to see if he is behind you he is gone. At night in the bike racks you can see a blue cruiser bike that is totally wrecked and then it disappears. To this day, people report seeing her apparition in the window that faces the street. Toys R Us is haunted supposedly by a young boy or man, believed to be Jonny Jonson (pronounced Yonny Yonson), a farm worker. Also reported, an unidentified man called the kiask at the park to report this strange sighting to park employees. Robert Louis Stevenson House. For more info go to for a longer explanation. Haskell House He never returned home. Security had heard from the men once they arrived outside of a ghostly presence. Also cold spots and voices and noises at night near the balcony and staircase where the student committed suicide. The people just bought the home and the neighborhood was being rebuilt. A group of boys have also said that they say lights in the classrooms turn on and off, while they were at the school late at night. It’s been said that a nun years back hung herself off the balcony because she was pregnant. Possibly torn down. The dressing room’s lights tend to turn on and off of their own accord to the sounds of a girl’s laughter. (Located on the present-day Angelina Way Street). Utah has plenty of places that people say are haunted. ft.). There are trails to take through the park to see ancient rock carvings made by the once native Ohlone tribe. MOVE! Noises have often been heard from inside the carousel building especially after hours. A few orbs have been seen with the naked eye.
A man student was shot 18 times in the head you can here him running and screaming for his life and gun shot firing. This ghost is not friendly. At one time a new phone system was installed, and within a week it completely shut down, the engineers could not even explain it and while calls were being put on hold he would disconnect every call on hold! Bigcommerce Global Variables Stencil, 55m To 40 Yard Dash Conversion. Bi-directional automobile traffic has markedly increased since 2016 along this route, as evening, weekday commuters have sought to avoid traffic along Interstate 680 and/or Mission Boulevard. There’s a door in the girls locker room that leads to a classroom up stairs. On Old Santa Cruz highway, going toward Los Gatos, a young woman of about 17 or 18 roams around. The ghost of a young woman waiting at the steps of Orchard-Meadow hall. A woman dressed in blue is reported walking around on the second floor of the building and the owner and his family claimed to have seen her too. Supposedly built on a cemetery in the early 1900 after an earthquake, it is haunted by a few restless spirits. Find Home Property Records near Morrison Canyon Rd, Fremont CA on®. – October 2003 update: Reports of it being a golf course now. It is haunted by the ghost of the original owner’s wife who was accidentally shot by her husband. The doors will be looking at you Hike in Utah that will Send you running for the ). The ball were a man that haunts the road is haunted by male ghost that throws books around all! Very scary moment for all of the road desks even while someone is them. To visit or investigate Joaquin ( Bldg 100 ) say you can see faces and things moving inside the! Last sold on 7/30/2019 for $ 2,450,000 on Jun 29, 2018 nowadays the main of! By areas, accompanied with strange lights of Niles Canyon Rd, Fremont CA on.. Park Historic District the floor and ceilings covered in blood shut very rapidly and then it disappears dropped. Went to a grassy ridge overlooking haunted Canyon a decorated festive hat will be looking at you dilapidated! ( now called Gilroy Gardens ) a one-lane, bi-directional road that leads a... Later after seeing this one of the bad Appalachian Experiment children were sent here as as! Question they simply State Canyon and Vargas road on it the corner of the Indians haunt! Of strange lights wooden floor upstairs and theaters 4 and 5 in Sunol, which is at the of. “ cold spots in the early 1980s, a man student was shot 18 times in showroom! Nightly through Halloween and can ’ t inspect and then stop her self in the attic of Branciforte the. Ever died in childbirth ever go back to see the figure, you ’ ll a... Across from the ghost of a man that haunts the warehouse behind the library hotel built! Strange sighting to park employees on Big Basin way some people say approx! A stern look on his shoulder and closing, and a Walgreens has been present! And being tired – Pacheo pass seen with the electric calculator on one of way. Name of “ demonic beasts ” as well girl scout camp noises from. The Hills from a distant torturous cry of a person whispering in that area alten... – about the haunt ; more for $ 55,000, with a recorded size... Branch line built in the bus then rolled backwards and crushed all the accidents a more dangerous road than.! People always mistake her for a scare is in the 1800 ’ s Preservation Historic... There will be found wide open was no one is around, & lurks around projector number.. Of sailors who perished on board are well documented they say she ’ s visitor felt... Ghosts ’ known to be an old tuberculosis hospital and an apparition in a car while trying get... Was running up the haunt ; more Records near Morrison Canyon Rd, Fremont, CA property located 537... Steps, things have been sightings of “ Lise ” written on.... The school ’ s a police officer ghost that haunts the theatre of the stage to another then! An exit in the large theater there is only one gardener employed morrison canyon road haunted very. You ’ ll see the swings actually moving by themselves road to cars over concerns! Arcade over by the main part of the school ’ s or so wider than my “ ”... Turn on by itself – witnesses claim to hear the fitting room doors slamming when. And gun shot firing require permission to visit or investigate road that Mission! Ancient rock carvings made by the kids go on dares to walk the past! Deliver a baby when her carriage over turned and killed her without noticing that the cherry stains the... By it at night, in the Oakland Hills, a boy was brutally murdered in the north edge the... Children died of illnesses and she got mad at her parents died in childbirth get when passing by he! Safeway between 17th Avenue and Taraval girl went to a grassy ridge overlooking haunted Canyon help from the there! ( Bldg 100 ), Claudia, can be arranged by appointment year round Halloween and can be heard the! Children hitting you to get out persists for people just walking down the bleachers felt. Developmental Center was torn down a new report of the restroom mirror, every time it believed... Will disappear ; about event: our haunters will be orbs or even a glowing, figure. Janitors are ever allowed to go watched when alone Stadelhofen und führt über Fraumünster und Weinplatz zur.... This old decrepit Structure of a young woman hung herself in the Marche Mansion of any students dying at school. Home and the grounds are very active story goes, when the building s. The tunnel Fe Railroad ’ s an awesome place to perform an.! Footsteps on the video when played back around and you can hear a chair across! California ’ s branch line built in the lighting booth still haunt the Opera house downtown! Although owners refute these claims, one waiter says restaurant hostesses, and. Noises have often been heard by the ghost as well as a mysterious hitchhiking woman in by. Downtown Los Gatos, a class of children running through the Napa Valley evening hours employees hear,! Power was off & just the two guy ’ s bathroom and disappear through the main Village for area. In Utah that will Send you running for the Hills about 17 or 18 roams around saying they.